Awards & Scholarships

Lisa Furman Community Outreach & Engagement Award

This award will be given to an Albertus Magnus MAATC student who exemplifies Lisa's passion for educating the community on Art Therapy. The recipient of this award will show passion for the field of art therapy, volunteering in the community, raising awareness of mental health issues and most importantly supporting and empowering their peers. 

Dr. Mazen Academic Excellence in Art Therapy Award

This award will be given to an Albertus Magnus MAATC student who exemplifies Dr. Mazen's passion for academia and the advancement of the field of art therapy. The recipient of this award will show a passion for research and the academic advancement of the art therapy field. They will not only show passion and academic aptitude but also an empathetic and supportive nature to their peers.


Scholarship Requirements:

The following are the requirements for the above student scholarships:

1. A current Albertus Magnus College student who is enrolled in the MAATC program and has completed a minimum of 1 semester.

2. A current student member of The Connecticut Art Therapy Association. 


3. A 2-page essay sharing how they meet the standards of scholarship and why they feel they should receive the scholarship.


4. A digital copy of their current unofficial transcripts. 


5. Two written recommendations speaking to how the applicant meets the scholarship standards. 

6. Completion of the application below.

Please note the process is as follows:

Submit the application below. You will receive an automated response that your application was successfully submitted. Respond to that e-mail with the above requirements attached. 

Applications open January 1st , 2022. 

Deadline for applications is May 1st, 2022. 

All applications submitted prior to the application opening or after the application deadline, will not be reviewed.

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