The Connecticut Art Therapy Association's mission is to establish statewide recognition of the art therapy profession through community outreach, education, public awareness, and disaster recovery efforts. CATA will foster and develop expansion opportunities for the art therapy profession and its members through shared goals and initiatives bringing value to our community and to our profession.

        The future vision of CATA will explore and create new platforms through education, research, legislative initiatives, and wellness. Through research study and practice advancement, CATA will explore and develop innovative methods and interventions to bring about evidenced-based assessment and healing. Through regional network gatherings and peer support groups, CATA will encourage the need and importance for its members to invest in their own self-care and wellness practices as helping professionals.

What We Do

The Connecticut Art Therapy Board is a group of volunteers who have come together in the hopes of upholding the mission of CATA and working to bring the art therapy community and mental health community together. We are currently focusing on Licensure for Art Therapists, preforming community outreach, creating a strong online and in person presence, supporting and creating a stronger sense of multicultural and diversity competence across the field of art therapy and a strong sense of community amongst CATA members.